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Problem Description

When an end user starts a Webex meeting, it loads partially, but takes a very long time to complete; or never finishes loading the meeting room.

A “Having trouble joining the meeting?” error is displayed.


To resolve the issue, exclude the domain webex.com from analysis (in other words, bypass analysis for webex.com) at the proxy (for example, Content Gateway or Blue Coat).

If using Content Gateway, this is done using the SSL Incidents list.
  1. Open Content Gateway.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Click SSL.
  4. Click Incidents.
  5. Click Add a Website.
  6. Remove the https entry and type *.webex.com
  7. Select by URL.
  8. In the dropdown menu, select tunnel.
  9. Optionally, type a comment for the bypass.
  10. Click Apply.
This will place Webex into an SSL Incident bypass so it will not have SSL Decryption performed. If set as a tunnel, this means users will have access to the site, regardless of policy. For more information, click the help section at the top of the screen. 

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For Blue Coat proxies, please consult your Blue Coat documentation for information. 

webex; ssl incident; tunnel;proxy; content gateway; wcg; Having trouble joining the meeting

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