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Notes & Warnings

Note The i500 series appliance is a Cloud appliance. For on-premises appliances (V or X series), see Appliance Configuration Summary

Problem Description

How to collect i500 series appliance diagnostics.



To collect diagnostics, an SSH tool such as PuTTY will need to be installed.
  1. SSH into the C interface of the i500
  2. Login as admin.
  3. The i500 has a menu driven interface.
  • For assistance with the menu interface, type help
  • When you first login to the appliance you will see a prompt labeled cmd.
  1. Type services
  2. Type analysis
  3. Type set_loglevel all
  4. Reproduce the issue that diagnostics are being collected for and be sure to write down the time stamp of the issue including time zone.
  5. Type services
  6. Type analysis
  7. Type set_loglevel error
  8. Type device
  9. Type diags_upload --upload-url <destination URL>
Example: diags_upload --upload-url ftp://eng_public:websense@ftp.websense.com/filename.tar.gz

If ftp is not enabled:
  1. Type system
  2. Type cd /var/websense/diags_upload
  3. The diagnostics file is saved as a tar.gz file. Use WinSCP to transfer the file to a local computer. For WinSCP the root password will be required to access the folder. Please call Forcepoint TS for assistance with the root password. The root password can be found under Device Management in the Cloud portal.
  4. Kiteworks or another transfer method can then be used to send it to Forcepoint.

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