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Problem Description

In Forcepoint Email Security Cloud I still get email from a blacklisted address. Mail from a blacklisted sender is shown as whitelisted in the Message Center. 


A black list entry for an address may appear not to work if there is a conflict between blacklisting and whitelisting. Where a whitelist and a blacklist entry exists for the same address or applies to more than one address, whitelisting takes precedence over blacklisting.

This is likely to manifest itself when you search in Message Center for mail from a blacklisted address and you see a number of entries all delivered with the issue shown as whitelisted. Although you probably have no whitelist entry for this address, there is likely to be in place a whitelist entry for its domain. Because the individual address is a member of that domain, the mail is subject to whitelisting rather than the blacklisting you would expect.

It is recommend to use exercise caution when whitelisting domains.

It is possible to configure the service to block all mail from a particular sender regardless of its spam score. Raise a case with Technical Support for a rule to be set up which will cause email from all addresses in a particular Group to be blocked; you can then modify the membership of this Group using the portal.

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