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How do I determine which Forcepoint product version I am running?


There are several ways to determine which version of your Forcepoint product you are currently running.

Depending on which Forcepoint solutions are in use at your site, one or more of the following methods will be helpful:

  • Appliance Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Forcepoint Security Manager
  • Forcepoint Security Appliance Manager

Appliance Command Line Interface (CLI)
Use the "show appliance info" command to determine which software version your appliance is running.
See the Forcepoint Appliance CLI Guide for more information. 

Forcepoint Security Manager
Use the Forcepoint Security Manager console to determine the product version in use. 
For each registered appliance, the Appliances > Manage Appliances page displays the Forcepoint software version, security mode, and other information. 

Forcepoint Security Appliance Manager (FSAM)

Use FSAM to determine the appliance version and the name and version number of every installed module on the appliance.
The Appliances table in FSAM displays all registered appliances. The filtering panel allows you to filter the appliances on software version, deployment mode, and other information. 
The Appliance Info window also displays the software version, along with additional information. 

See the Security Appliance Manager (FSAM) Administrator Help document for more information. 

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