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Problem Description

Web stopped filtering users. Errors are seen in the websense.log file found in the Websense\Web Security\bin directory or an alert in the Forcepoint Security Manager Alerts section is showing:
"Subscription level exceeded."


There are multiple causes for this particular error.
  1. Subscription Expired.
Check the date of the expiration for the subscription key. If the time frame has passed and a renewal has not been done, the service will stop functioning as expected.
  1. Recent Renewal.
If the Forcepoint Web license was recently renewed and the key has changed, the key may need to be updated. If the key itself hasn't changed but the seat count has, follow the directions on Seat Count shows as zero after master database download.
  1. Open Forcepoint Security Manager.
  2. Navigate to Account > Settings.
  3. Under Subscription Key, verify that the key showing is the one recently gained from your Account Manager. 
  1. If the key is not correct, remove the existing key and press Apply.
  2. Enter the new key and click Apply.
  3. Click Save and Deploy.
  1. If using multiple Policy Servers, navigate to Settings > General > Policy Servers.
  2. Click the IP address of each Policy Server and verify if a key is manually entered and update if incorrect. Once done, click Save and Deploy.
  3. The Master Database should begin a download after inputting the new key. Once finished, the product should begin filtering again.
  1. Master Database Issues.
If the key is not expired and correct, the Master Database itself needs to be checked. See Seat Count shows as zero after master database download for instructions. This also applies if a Filtering Service has not received a database update for more than 14 days as a similar error will present in the messages.log file and Filtering Service will be offline.
  1. Missing Hotfixes.
Some versions of Forcepoint software may have hotfixes that address specific issues with the Policy Broker, Master Database, Filtering Service, or Policy Server. Ensure that the critical and severe hotfixes have been applied to the Windows Management and Content Gateway servers. See Forcepoint Downloads, Installers and Hotfix Information for instructions on where to find and how to install hotfixes. 
  1. Seat Count has been exceeded.

Seat Count, also known as Subscription Level, are the number of "seats" available on the purchased Web subscription. Exceeding Seat Count can lead to users not being filtered, or being blocked entirely from the internet. This situation may occur if the Subscription still shows the correct number of seats for a subscription. 



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