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Notes & Warnings

You may change the connection rate limit. A value from 1-1000 is acceptable. To modify the default limit, log into Content Gateway manager and select Configure > Networking > Connection management > Client Connection Control > Connection Rate Limit.
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Problem Description

Why is Content Gateway displaying an alarm for the following error message?
 “A client exceeded the 100 per second connection rate limit”


This error message occurs when a client exceeds Content Gateway’s threshold connection limit.  Multiple reasons may account for a client with a high number of connections, such as a compromised client or a machine with a faulting application.
To determine which client is exceeding the connection limit:
  1. Log into Content Gateway Manager.
  2. Navigate to Configure > My Proxy > Logs > System tab.
  3. From the Log File drop down menu, select messages.log.
  4. From the Action options, select the "Display lines that match" and type: connection
 User-added image
  1. Click Apply.
The log output from with the keyword “Connection” will show all errors with the word “Connection”. From here, finding the errors regarding “threshold” or “exceed” gives the internal client IP for the computer or server that gives a starting point for the network investigation of the affected machines.

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