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Problem Description

Sometimes the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint does not connect to the Forcepoint Endpoint server, shows as Disconnected, or never updates its policies. How do I fix these issues?


Follow the steps below to verify the health of the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint on an client machine:
  1. Check to see if the following processes are running on the machine:
    Windows Endpoints
    • dser.exe (older Forcepoint Endpoint versions only: v8.5 and lower)
    • dserui.exe
    • EndPointClassifier.exe
    • fppsvc.exe (Forcepoint One Endpoints only)
    • f1eui.exe (Forcepoint One Endpoints only)
    • kvoop.exe (KeyView OOP APP)
    • wepsvc.exe
    macOS Endpoints
    • F1EHelper
    • Websense Endpoint Helper
    • DLPHelperService
    • wsdlpd
    • Forcepoint DLP Endpoint
    • EPClassifier
    • kvoop
    1. Confirm if the Forcepoint One Endpoint tray icon is available (if not installed in stealth mode), and that the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint UI shows that the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint is connected to the Endpoint Server and has updated recently.
    2. Open a browser and navigate to the Endpoint Server DLL address pertaining to an Endpoint Server on the environment (also found within localconfig.xml located in the Websense Endpoint directory):

      https://<EndpointServerIP or Hostname>/EP/EndpointServer.dll

      Upon a successful connection, the browser shows the words "Websense DSS Endpoint Server" in bold. If this page is not reachable, it indicates a network connection problem or issues with the Data Security Web Server service on the Endpoint Server.

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