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Some older models of V10000 G2 and V5000 G2 appliances are not supported with some versions 8.0 and higher. These models are known as G2, revision 1 (R1) or revision 2 (R2) models. More detail is provided below.

The last supported software release for V10000 G2R2 is v8.3.0.
The last supported software version for V5000 G2R2 and V10000 G3R1 is 8.5.0.
The last supported software version for V5000 G3 and V10000 G3R2 is 8.5.3.

You should verify the full model number of your V Series appliances before applying version 8.0.x or higher upgrade patches, or re-imaging using version 8.0.x or higher recovery image.

If you attempt to apply the upgrade patch to an unsupported appliance, or if you attempt to re-image an unsupported appliance, you will see an error message.


Older V10000 G2 and V5000 G2 appliances, known as revision 1 (R1) or revision 2 (R2) appliances are not supported with some versions 8.0.0 and higher.

Forcepoint stopped certifying the software release on the following models:

Unsupported Appliance Models
Appliance ModelAnnouncement

Last supported

software release

V10000 G2R1Third quarter, 2011v7.8.4
V5000 G2R1First quarter, 2012v7.8.4
V10000 G2R2Second quarter, 2013v8.3.0
V10000 G3R1Second quarter, 2014v8.5.0
V5000 G2R2Second quarter, 2015v8.5.0
V10000 G3R2Third quarter, 2015v8.5.3
V5000 G3Fourth quarter, 2016v8.5.3
 When planning your upgrade to v8.0.x or higher:
  1. Record your appliance service tag numbers (STN). You can find the STN printed on the pull out tag on the front of the appliance, behind the bezel (if installed). The STN is a 7 character/digit code. For example: 9DZTBQ1
  2. Identify the full model version of your appliances:
a. Log on to the Appliance Manager.
b. Navigate to Configuration > System.
c. In the right pane, you will see System Information. This gives you the Appliance Version you are using and Module information with names and version numbers of every installed module on your appliance.
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