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Is there a way to test filtering for categories within a policy without visiting a potentially harmful website?

Please note that the Direct Connect Endpoint (DCEP) cannot be used with testdatabasewebsense.com links - it will not return the category of the link.


Forcepoint hosts a website for testing web categories. This website is always listed in the Uncategorized category, and therefore has no Risk Class assigned for the site.  The URLs are: When loading the website, some browsers will project a warning as the algorithms used present a purposeful false positive for testing purposes. Below is an example from Google Chrome. If this warning is present, click Details and click visit this site to access the webpage. 
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There are three sections for category testing available on the page:
  1. The primary top section is for the Master Database, which the links present correspond to the default Master Database categories for Web.
  • If the Web Filtering product is not using SSL interception, basic host static categorization will be used for all links.
  1. The Real-time Analysis Test Pages section is for testing Real-time Content Categorization and Real-Time Security Scanning from Content Gateway. 
  • If Analytics is not enabled or exclusions have been used to limit it's scope, the Real-Time Analysis Test Pages links will return the basic host static categorization for all links.
  • The Real-time Analysis Test Pages tests deliver content to the client which may cause local AntiVirus to alert, such as Security: Malicious Web Sites: File Scanning. This exe test delivers the Eicar antivirus test pattern. For information, see the Eicar website, and also the Eicar test file Wikipedia article.
  1. The Cloud Apps section is for testing the Web Cloud App functionality available in 8.4 and higher, or in RiskVision 2.0.
To properly use the website to test an existing policy:
  • Ensure the user or computer accessing the website is assigned the policy in question. 
  • If the website for a category comes up with a block page, this is a blocked website according to the policy assigned to the user. See How do block pages work? for information on using a block page to identify both the user and policy assigned. 
  • If accessing an allowed category, the following is presented:

This page has been categorized in the Websense Master Database as "<category_name>."

If you can access this page, Web pages in this category are not blocked for this user or machine.
This website can be used to evaluate a user's policy dynamically from the browser or to test product functionality. Forcepoint Technical Support may use this website to force a block page in many situations to avoid visiting unacceptable content sites during troubleshooting. 

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