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For customers with valid product subscriptions running non-certified configurations, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to investigate potential issues with software running together with these non-certified configurations. As part of the investigation, we may require the issue to be reproduced by the customer independently to isolate the issue from the non-certified configuration.

Where issues are confirmed to be unrelated to the non-certified configuration, we will support our software in a manner that is consistent with support provided on certified configurations. Where issues are known or proven to be directly related to the non-certified configuration, we will require the customer to migrate to a certified configuration, as listed in the certified product matrix.

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  • S: Supported
  • C: Certified

Forcepoint Security Manager (Formerly TRITON Management Server)

Operating System Support

Windows Server 32-bit
2008 Server, Standard or Enterprise **           C 
2003 Server, R2 *            C
Windows Server 64-bit
2019 Standard EditionCCC          
2016 Datacenter Edition^CCSCCC       
2016 Standard EditionCCCCCC       
2012 R2, Standard or Datacenter EditionsCC CCCCCCCC  
2012 Standard or Datacenter EditionCCCCCCCCCCC  
2008 Server, Standard or Enterprise, R2 SP1    CCCCCC   
2008 Server, Standard or Enterprise, R2       CCCCCC
* Available for Data and Web Solutions
** Available for Web Solutions Only
^ Windows 2016 Datacenter edition is only available for Email and DLP solutions.


Note: The Versions listed match the EIP version that is current. See the Forcepoint DLP Certified Product Matrix for EIP versus DLP version. 

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