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Notes & Warnings

Download and review the IIS sanity check document.
  • In addition, verify that "Websense Data Security Web Server" service is installed and running.
  • If not installed, install the service. Navigate to "%DSS)HOME%apache" and run:
    • EPServer -k -install -n "Websense Data Security Web Server"

Problem Description

I am trying to deploy configuration changes in the management console. I do not have network communication issues. The console shows the following error. How do I resolve this?
Failure to download all file dependencies


The "Failure to download all file dependencies" error can appear if a file in the virtual Forcepoint Email Security appliance contains an incorrect IP address. To check the IP address:
  • On the virtual Email Security appliance, connect via SSH and run:
    • cat /opt/websense/PolicyEngine/mgmtd.config.xml | grep 169

      NOTE: If the file (mgmtd.config.xml) contains an incorrect IP address, then a grep response similar to the following should appear:

      <Value><!--WISEMETA: default="[ACCEPT_ADDRESS]"-->< /Value>

      The prior example shows the incorrect IP address ( The file should contain the virtual email appliance's interface IP address, not a 169.x.x.x IP address. If the file contains the correct IP address, then the grep response (searching for a line containing 169) should be blank.

To resolve:

If you are familiar with editing files on Linux:

  1. Use VI editor to correct the IP address in the mgmtd.config.xml file manually.
  2. Restart the virtual Email Security appliance.
  3. Test by attempting to deploy and save changes in the management console. The error should no longer appear.

As an alternative solution:

  1. Log in to Forcepoint Security Manager.
  2. Select Email > Settings > Email Appliances.
  3. Click the link for your virtual email appliance.
  4. Click OK on the next screen.
  5. Check for an incorrect IP address. Re-run the following command on your virtual email appliance.
    • cat /opt/websense/PolicyEngine/mgmtd.config.xml | grep 169

      NOTE: You should receive a blank response when grepping the file for a line containing 169.x.x.x. This confirms the IP address is correct.

On the remote Forcepoint DLP server, check for the following error in the mgmtd.config.log file:

  • User-added image
From the Event Viewer on the Forcepoint management server, check if the account responsible for starting the IIS service is locked out. If necessary, unlock the account in AD.

Enable mgmtd logging:
  1. Modify the %DSS_HOME%\Logs\mgmtd.log.config file. Put the root topic and XMLData in DEBUG mode.
    • Change the value=error parameter to value=debug.
  2. Redeploy. (A restart is not required.)

    NOTE: If you receive the following errors, use the same steps to resolve.

    2011-10-13 23:02:52,019 [0x00001360] ERROR Configuration - Failed to get FPNE Status. SOAP 1.1; Error 21; Fault: SOAP-ENV:Client No Data; Detail: get host by name failed in tcp_connect()
    2011-10-13 23:03:07,941 [0x00002ab8] ERROR ComponentConfiguration - Failed to calculate FPNE status on https://Websense76.testadw2k3.techsupport2k3.com:5822/FPRServices. Error: SOAP 1.1; Error 21; Fault: SOAP-ENV:Client No Data; Detail: get host by name failed in tcp_connect()
    2011-10-13 23:03:07,948 [0x00002ab8] ERROR Exception - SOAP 1.1; Error 21; Fault: SOAP-ENV:Client No Data; Detail: get host by name failed in tcp_connect()

To resolve, create an A Record for the name and update the Hosts file on the Forcepoint DLP server.

  1. Add an entry to the Hosts file similar to the following:
    • Websense76.testadw2k3.techsupport2k3.com Websense76

      Update the IP address, FQDN and machine name as appropriate. Also, ensure that the server FQDN is accessible on port 5822.

      If the Forcepoint Email Security appliance is also deployed, confirm port 17444 is open between Forcepoint Email Security and DLP management components.
  2. Redeploy.

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