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Note If using Skype for Business with Office 365, also see Featured Articles Troubleshooting Skype and Office 365

Problem Description

New contacts cannot be added in Skype when Content Gateway is an explicit proxy and HTTPs decryption is enabled.

This issue is not unique to Forcepoint. This may occur on other network security devices, including Secure Web Gateways.


To check if Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is enabled, go to Enabling SSL support and review step 2 to enable the Tunnel Skype option.

If the Tunnel Skype option is enabled and you cannot add new contacts in Skype, create an SSL incident:
  1. In Content Manager, click Configure, click SSL, click Incidents, and then click Add Website.
  2. Enter the hostname or IP address and the port number.
  3. Click By URL, and then click Action Tunnel.
  4. Then tunnel the following URLs:
    1. *.skype.com
    2. *.skype.net
    3. *.skypeassets.com
    4. *.trouter.io
If importing MSN or Hotmail contacts and the contacts display as offline, create an SSL incident and tunnel the follow URL:
  • *.gateway.messenger.live.com
For additional information, go to the Skype IT Administrators Guide

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