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Why am I seeing a "Server Timeout Occurred" error when running ConsoleClient against the Filtering Service?


Note Before trying other methods, change the command itself to read as localhost instead of the IP address. This must be done on the same machine where the filtering service is installed. 

./ConsoleClient localhost 15869

If you attempt to use ConsoleClient to connect to a Forcepoint service that runs on a Windows machine and receive the error Server Timeout Occurred, try the following:

  1. On the Forcepoint service machine, go to Start > Run and enter services.msc.
  2. Select, and then double-click, the name of the Forcepoint service for which the issue occurs.
  3. On the Log On tab, select the Local System account radio button.
  4. Enable the check box for Allow services to interact with desktop.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Select the This account radio button. The Allow services to interact with desktop check box is disabled, but the check mark is not removed.
  7. Re-enter the service account name and password.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Restart the Websense service.

If you encounter this error when attempting to connect to Filtering Service (port 15869):
  • Make sure that the IP address is correct and that the service is running.
  • Open the eimserver.ini file and verify that the DiagServerPort entry shows the correct port (by default, 15869). If this data is missing, add it, save and close the file, and restart Filtering Service.
  • Use ConsoleClient to connect to another Websense service to verify that the tool is working (for example, connect to DC Agent on port 30601 or Network Agent on port 55870).
  • Restart the queried service.
  • The error may be encountered if no data is available.
Note The Troubleshooting ports option needs to be enabled when debugging a service on a V-Series appliance.

Is the eimserver.ini file missing or corrupted? Follow the steps below to resolve:
  1. Navigate to the Websense\Web Security\bin directory (or /opt/Websense/bin if using Linux).
  2. Check to see if the eimserver.ini file is missing or corrupt .
  3. If possible, restore it from backup or copy from a working deployment of the same version. For v7.x, check your backups--the eimserver.ini file is collected when running a wsbackup.
  4. After restoring, restart Filtering Service.

If no backup is available, remove and re-install Filtering Service.

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