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Problem Description

Google SafeSearch feature is not working with a Cisco PIX or ASA configuration, which is integrated directly to the Filtering Service on the Windows server.


When the firewall is configured to use either the URL-Truncate or CGI-Truncate command, the end portion of the URL, which includes the &safe=active parameter, is removed.

For instructions on setup for SafeSearch, see Search Filtering feature blocks explicit thumbnail images.
To resolve:
  1. Verify if the Cisco PIX or ASA configuration has one of the following:
    1. url-truncate
    2. cgi-truncate
  2. If found, remove the statements. These commands will remove the end of the URL that Forcepoint uses to enforce search filtering.
  3. Ensure that memory allocation is sufficient by adding the following:
    1. url-block url-mempool 1500
    2. url-block url-size 4
    3. url-block block 128 
  4. Log on to Forcepoint Security Manager.
  5. Go to Settings > General > Filtering to verify if the Search Filtering option is enabled. 
  6. With the Search Filtering option enabled, the &safe=active tag appends to the URL regardless of the SafeSearch filter settings configured in the browser.
For more information, see Configuring PIX/ASA Firewall for Websense integration.

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