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Problem Description

After downloading the newest master database update, the Subscription Level (Seat count) is 0 and Web is no longer being filtered.


This issue may happen for a variety of reasons. Please follow the steps below. 
  1. Log into the Forcepoint Security Manager (formerly TRITON Manager).
  2. Navigate to Settings > Account.
  3. Under Subscription Key remove the last letter or number of your subscription key and click Apply.
  4. This will generate and error "Invalid Key Format" 
  5. After the error is generated, re-add the removed letter or number to the key.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Click OK then Save and Deploy.
  8. This will potentially generate a database download, or will create a call-out to the database servers to pull your seat count.
  9. Open Services (run command services.msc)
  10. Ensure the Websense Policy Server and Websense Filtering Service services are running. If not, right-click and start the services. 
If using multiple Policy Servers
  1. Click the Switch button and select the next policy server.
  2. Navigate to Main > Dashboard > Deployment
  3. Ensure the Policy Server and Filtering Service are running. If not running, click the IP address of the host and click Start.
If the issue persists, clear the cache files.
  1. Log into the server that is not able to filter correctly
  2. For Windows:
    1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
    2. Type cd <path> Websense\Web Security
    3. Type websenseadmin stop
    4. Once services are stopped, open Folder Explorer and go to Websense\Web Security\bin.
    5. Use Search for *.p12.
    6. Move, rename or delete the files that end in .p12.
    7. Move, rename or delete the journal.dat file.
    8. Return to Command Prompt.
    9. Type websensadmin start
  3. For Linux where root access is available:
    1. Open an SSH session to the IP of the proxy.
    2. Type cd /opt/Websense
    3. Type ./WebsenseAdmin stop
    4. Type cd bin
    5. Type mkdir backup
    6. Type mv *.p12 backup/
    7. Type mv journal.dat backup/
    8. Type cd ..
    9. Type ./WebsenseAdmin start
  4. Test and ensure filtering is working as expected. 

Should the problem happen again within 2 weeks or the issue does not resolve with the steps above, the master database may have become corrupt. See Corrupt master database files require fresh download for steps to correct.

If the Policy Server or Filtering Service on Windows or an Appliance will not start, if the Policy Broker is on an appliance, or the issue persists, raise a case with Technical Support for assistance.

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