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Problem Description

I added an email address to the Personal Email Manager (PEM) block list, but it still goes through. Why is the email not blocked?


The Enable Dynamic Always Permit list check box is enabled by default. This option is available in the Dynamic Always Permit List section. The following settings can be modified:
  • In the Occurrence field, specify the number of spam-free email exchanges (from 1 to 5) required before a sender/recipient pair is added to the list. Default is 1.
  • In the Timeout field, enter a value for the timeout interval in hours (from 1 to 720). Default is 720.
  • Clear the list manually by clicking the Clear Dynamic Always Permit List button. If this function is disabled, the list is automatically cleared.
An email address on the PEM block list can still be permitted if the Dynamic Permit list is enabled. To enforce blocking via the PEM Block list, disable the Dynamic Permit list. This change will allow PEM to block the message.
To check the Dynamic Permit option:
  1. Log on to TRITON Manager.
  2. Go to Email > Main > Always Block/Permit > Always Permit and select Enable Dynamic Always Permit list.
Enabling the Dynamic Always Permit List function allows some mail exchanged between a sender/recipient address pair to bypass anti-spam filtering. When mail between a sender to a recipient does not trigger an anti-spam filter a specified number of times, that sender/recipient address pair is added to the Dynamic Always Permit List.

After a sender/recipient address pair is added to the Dynamic Always Permit List, anti-spam filtering is not performed on mail between this sender/recipient address pair. When a specified timeout period has elapsed, the address pair is removed from the list.

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