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If your organization already uses or is considering using Microsoft Office 365 tools, make time to become familiar with the cautions expressed by Microsoft on their website in the following article Network and migration planning for Office 365.

Microsoft notes several factors that can affect network performance and connectivity, including in-line proxies and content filtering.

Microsoft's guidance for Office 365 includes the following:
  • The additional traffic going to Office 365 results in an increase in outbound proxy connections, as well as an increase in SSL traffic.
  • If outbound proxies require user authentication, you may experience slow connectivity or a loss of functionality. Bypassing the authentication requirement for the Office 365 domains can reduce this overhead.
  • If you are filtering outbound connections from computers on your network, bypassing this filtering to the Office 365 domains will improve connectivity and performance.
Microsoft Office Lync

Note Office 365 Lync users can connect to two different types of meetings:
  • A meeting hosted by a Lync On-Premises Server.
  • A meeting hosted by an Office 365 Microsoft Server.
In both cases, the destination meeting server must be bypassed because the handshake between client and meeting server does not follow the Remote Function Call (RFC) standard.

If the Windows Event Viewer logs an error stating that Lync could not connect securely, because the certificate presented by the server was not trusted, then the destination URL will have to be added to the Websense Content Gateway Incident List or the Web Security SSL Decryption Bypass List.

If you are using version 8.4 or earlier, contact Forcepoint Technical Support for assistance with Office 365 bypass.
If you have version 8.5, see the v8.5 Release Notes for information on a new Office 365 Bypass feature.

Refer to the Microsoft website Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges to manually add the relevant domains to your environment for SSL Decryption and Authentication bypass.

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