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Notes & Warnings

Review v6.3-v7.6 Moving the Web Security Log Database to a different SQL Server to move the SQL database to a different server or server instance.

NoteIf the SQL server version is not listed in the System Requirements for the Forcepoint version, logging will be severely impacted, potentially causing no logging or loss of logs. The System Requirements guide for your version and product can be located in Support Documentation

Ensure you have updated the the log database directory location if it has changed including the ODBC connection.  In the Forcepoint Management GUI, navigate to Settings > Reporting > Log Database  and Settings > Reporting > Log Server.

Problem Description

It is possible to install the Log Database in its default location, then opt to move the database to another disk partition with more disk space.

Moving the Log Database .mdf and .ldf files is a manual process.



To get started:
  1. On the Log Server machine, use the Windows Services dialog box to stop the Websense Log Server service.
  2. Make sure that no reports are running.
  3. Stop and disable all of the Websense SQL Agent jobs, including the ETL job.
If your version is SQL express then do the following to disable the Websense jobs:
  1. Click on new query then select wslogdb70.
  2. In the new query copy (select * from wse_db_jobs) this will display all jobs which are running and are active =1.
  3. To disable the jobs run the following script from the query (update wse_db_jobs set active=0 where active=1) - this will change active to =0.
Steps to take for moving to a different drive or folder for SQL server versions 2005-2016 (express or full SQL):
  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio and log in with the SQL or Trusted account used by Log Server.
  2. Expand the Databases tree and right-click the last available partition (wslogdb70_amt_x/wslogdb70_x), then select Tasks > Detach.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Continue this process through ALL partitions,
  5. Detach the catalog database (wslogdb70 by default).
  6. Locate the *.mdf and *.ldf files on the SQL server
  7. Move the *.mdf and *.ldf files to the new folder or drive.
  8. Once moved, reattach the catalog database first followed by ALL partition databases until ALL are reattached.
  9. Reconfigure ODBC 
  10. Start Log Server and reconfigure the log server settings in Triton (settings > Reporting > Log Server).
  11. Start/enable the Websense SQL Agent jobs, including the ETL job for SQL express (update wse_db_jobs set active=1 where active=0.)
  12. Make sure the database path is correct and all attached partitions are displayed (Settings > Reporting > Log Database).

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