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Problem Description

The Log Server service did not install successfully and the Forcepoint Security manager is giving the alert:
"Service was not found."


Check to see if all Websense services are running and accounted for, including the Log Server service. It is possible that the Log Server was not registered with Windows services but is populated in the config.xml file under the installed servers container.
If all Websense services are running, but the alert says "Service was not found,"  then try to re-register the Log Server service by completing the following steps:
  1. From a command prompt, navigate to the \Websense\bin (for v7.6 and later, \Websense\Web Security\bin) directory and type:
LogServer.exe -c
Note Error details may display. If the Log Server service exists and is running, it must be stopped to initiate this command.
  1. If services list the Log Server service, then enter (if Log Server is not listed, then go to step 3):
LogServer.exe -u

Note This removes Log Server service.
  1. Register the executable in services and the config.xml and websense.ini files by typing the following:
LogServer.exe -i

Note The UID in the websense.ini file must match the UID in the config.xml file. If the UIDs do not match, then paste the UID from the config.xml into the websense.ini file. An example of the UID in the config.xml follows:
    <container name="InstalledServers">
    <container name="WebsenseLogServer">
    <data name="a8XX77f4-Xx49-1Xdf-8c3b-f21Xee9c7X9d"></data>
  1. Confirm no errors appear. Type:
LogServer.exe -c

Note Review the output for errors. If Log Server service exists and is running, it must be stopped to initiate this command.
  1. If no errors are observed, then close the DOS window and start Log Server service.
  2. If a Windows trusted connection is used to connect to SQL, then right-click Log Server, click Properties and add the Log on as trusted account.
  3. If the SQL Reporting Database does not exist, then run the CreateDbU command.
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