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The following resource from Mozilla Foundation provide more options for certificates deployment in Firefox: Installing Certificates Into Firefox 

"Installing Certificates Into Firefox 
There are lots of organizations that use their own certificate authority to issue certificates for their internal servers. Since Firefox does not use the Windows certificate store (bug 432802, bug 472113), these have to be manually added into Firefox. This page will cover how to get those CAs into Firefox. (...)"

Problem Description

How do I resolve certificate errors with Firefox? How do I add a WCG certificate to Firefox?


You must obtain the certificate from Websense Content Gateway (WCG) and then import it into Firefox.
  1. Manually set proxy settings within Firefox.
    1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.
    2. Enter a FQDN for the proxy name. For example: myappliance1.websense.com
  2. Import WCG root certificate as trusted CA.
    1. Export WCG's Root CA certificate from Web UI
      1. Open the Content Gateway Manager.
      2. Navigate to Configure > SSL > Internal Root CA > Backup Root CA.
      3. Click "Save Public CA key" button. This exports WCG's Root CA certificate.
    2. Import Public CA Key certificate (above) to Firefox’s trusted CA list.
      1. Open Firefox
      2. Navigate to  Preferences > Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates > Authorities or Firefox > Tools > Options > Advanced > Certificates > Authorities..
        • In newer versions of Firefox, this is under Firefox > Tools > Options > Privacy & Security > Certificates > View Certificates
      3. Click the Import button. This imports the above certificate.
      4. Navigate to the certificate file and click Open.
      5. Ensure the Trust this CA to identify websites option is checked in the pop-up Certificate Manager window.
      6. Close out and save the new settings by clicking the subsequent OK buttons.
  3. Restart the browser.

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