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Notes & Warnings

A copy of the original icap-pa_block.markup file is attached for reference.

Problem Description

The block page a user receives when HTTP or HTTPS access to a site is blocked by the Protector's ICAP channel needs to be customized so it is not default.


The block page is small and simple by design to ensure that the block page can be transferred in a single packet.  A redirect block page should be used if planning to incorporating company logos or other images in the block page, or to include a large amount of text.

To edit the default ICAP block page:
  1. In Linux, log in with admin or root credentials.
  2. cp /opt/websense/neti/conf/spicer/icap-pa_block.markup /opt/websense/neti/conf/spicer/icap-pa_block.markup.original
  3. Use vi or another linux text editor on /opt/websense/neti/conf/spicer/icap-pa_block.markup
Note Any changes made need to comply with HTML standards.
  1. Save the changes made.
  2. Restart the Pama service with service pama restart
If there are multiple Protector servers, each server has its own copy of the icap-pa_block.markup file that will need to be edited to change the block page message.

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