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Log Server backups can be created in the Management Client, but how can I create a backup without user interface access?


You can create Log Server backups from the command line by running the sgBackupLogSrv.bat |.sh script located in the /bin subfolder of the SMC installation directory.
backup command syntax: [-h|--help] [-pwd password] [-path destpath] [-comment comment]
        -h | --help: displays the help message
        -pwd password: enables encryption
        -path destpath: destination path
        -nodiskcheck: does not verify available disk space
        -comment comment: gives a comment to your backup (max. 60 characters)
        -nofsstorage: does not backup file storage for a log server backup
Note Backup files can be restored on a different platform and installation path than the one from which the backup was created.

Keywords: log server; backup; sgBackupLogSrv; command line; maintenance

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