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Problem Description

When troubleshooting issues in relation to the Websense Content Gateway, Technical Support may request specific log files such as extended.log, messages and error.log.


The log files are listed directly in the Content Gateway Manager GUI and can be downloaded onto the computer where the GUI is open for collection.
  1. Load the Websense Content Gateway Manager.
    • If the Content Gateway is a Policy Server
      1. In a browser, navigate to https://<ip-address>:9443/cm where the IP is the Forcepoint Management server address.
      2. Log in with the administrator credentials.
      3. Click the Switch button.
      4. Select the C interface IP of the Content Gateway and press OK.
      5. Once loaded, navigate to Settings > General > Content Gateway Access.
      6. Click Log On.
      7. This should open a new tab with the GUI. If it does not, check Popup Blocker settings in the browser.
    • If the Content Gateway is not a Policy Server
      1. In a browser, navigate to https://<ip-address>:8081 where the IP is the C interface IP of the appliance.
      2. Log in with the administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Subsytems > Logging > General and enable Log Transactions and Errors.
Select Transactions and Errors
  1.  Replicate the issue that needs troubleshooting with the logs.
  2.  Select the relevant log files you would like to download. (Configure > Logs)
Log File Locations:
Select Log File
Log File
Configure > Logs > Access
Configure > Logs > Access
Configure > Logs > System
Note Regarding Older logs:
By default, extended.log and error.log files will rollover every 6 hours. If the issue is intermittent, you are unable to replicate it and transaction & error logging was enabled during the time of the incident, you can download older logs by looking for the date/time on the filename. For example:
  1. Select Save the selected log file in the local filesystem.
Select Action
  1. Disable transaction logging for Resource Usage concerns (Optional). 
    Transaction Logging can consume resources in the Websense Content Gateway domain. If resource usage is a concern in your Websense environment, consider only enabling this feature for the purpose of the investigation and then disabling it afterwards. Navigate to Configure > Subsystems > Logging > General and enable Log Errors Only or Disabled.
  2. Provide the log file/files to Technical Support, ensure you provide the following information:
  • Filename
  • Date/Time that the issue was replicated
  • Computer IP of test user
  • Username of the test user
We recommend attaching the log files to the case, or emailing them as a reply to a case notification. If the log file is especially large, you may want to create a ZIP folder with the case number and contact Technical Support for a Kiteworks (XFR) link for encrypted transfer.


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