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Notes & Warnings

Please ensure that a backup of the environment has been taken as a precaution.

Problem Description

I would like to change the IP address or hostname of my Forcepoint DLP Manager server.


Please follow the below steps to change the IP address of the Forcepoint DLP Manager server.

Note Forcepoint DLP will not operate properly until the below changes have been completed. Forcepoint strongly suggests performing this change during a planned maintenance period.
  1. Change the IP address of the Websense Data Security Suite Manager server through its network settings
  2. Run the Forcepoint Installer. From the options, select Modify. Click Next throughout the installer. The installer will update the environment with the new information upon completion.
  3. All off-box Data Security components must have their connection re-established, including any integrated Web Content Gateways, Email Security Gateways, Protectors, Secondary DLP Servers, and DLP Endpoints.

For a comprehensive article regarding updating all components, see Changing the Management Server IP Address or Name.

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