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Problem Description

The number of kvoop.exe processes running on my Endpoint client seems to increase and decrease over time. Is there a ceiling on how many processes will spawn?


Starting in DLP version 8.3 builds, the Endpoint will spawn around sixteen (16) kvoop.exe processes. Prior to this, up to 8 processes are used in earlier builds.

Half of these threads are watchdog processes for the remaining instances (1 worker and 1 watchdog). Under normal behavior, the Autonomy system will be recycling one of the instances, resulting in more than 16 processes observed. This is a temporary condition.

If the environment is persistently running a process count significantly above 16, then further investigation is warranted. Please confirm that the proper anti-virus exclusions are in place on the machine as well.

Keywords: KVOOP.exe; PolicyEngine; Extraction of Content received by Endpoint; Sixteen Kvoop.exe process; 1 worker and 1 watchdog;  Antivirus Exclusion;

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