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Notes & Warnings

This command can be used to create a new CSR for any Forcepoint product.

Problem Description

TRITON manager and Content Gateway both use a Certificate Authority-signed SSL certificate. The certificates for these products are expiring soon. How do I renew these certificates with the same previously used Certificate Authority?


You need the following items to renew Forcepoint product certificates:
  1. The Public Certificate that is expiring.
  2. The Private Key for the Public Certificate.
  3. The password for the Private Key.

The following command reads the private key (private.key) and existing certificate (oldcert.pem). It generates a new certificate request (newcsr.csr) using the information in the old certificate.

  • openssl x509 -x509toreq -signkey private.key -out newcsr.csr -in oldcert.pem

For signing, send the new CSR to the Certificate Authority. 
To import the signed certificate into your Forcepoint product, refer to Forcepoint Knowledge Base Articles.


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