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Notes & Warnings

Before attempting a database migration, ensure SQL Server collation settings are identical on both SQL servers.
  • If the database resides on the same server as Data Security manager, and you are planning to move the database to a remote SQL Server, then launch the installer on the TRITON management server and select Modify. Use this option to change the TRITON AP-DATA Backup/Incident Archive setting, to add a Temporary File Location for incident archiving.

        Problem Description

        I need to move the TRITON AP-DATA SQL database to a new SQL Server. How do I move the databases?


        Moving TRITON AP-DATA services to an alternate Microsoft SQL Server:
        1. Stop the TRITON AP-DATA Watchdog scheduled task.
        2. Stop TRITON AP-DATA services. The services are listed below:
          • Websense Data Task Scheduler
          • Websense Data Security Web Server
          • TRITON management server
          • Websense Data Policy Engine
          • Websense Data Fingerprint Database
          • Data Security manager
        3. From within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, detach both TRITON AP-DATA databases (wbsn-data-security and wbsn-data-security-tmp-archive). Ensure “Drop open connections” is checked. For more information on detaching databases, click here.
        4. Move the database files (.mdf & .ldf) to the new MS SQL Server.
        5. Re-attach the databases.
        6. Run Websense TRITON Setup.
        7. Select "Modify" for TRITON Infrastructure. Update only the SQL Server connection pane with the new SQL Server information.
          • NOTE: If SQL Server connection pane option is greyed out, edit the EIPSettings.xml file located in the \Websense\EIP Infra\ directory. Set the <External>false</External> container to "true". This container is located under the <LogDB> container.
        8. Select "Modify" for TRITON AP-DATA with no changes. When the modify has completed it should have restarted your TRITON AP-DATA services along with the TRITON AP-DATA Watchdog scheduled task.
        9. Now, log into Data Security manager and verify that incidents can be written to the database.

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