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How do I submit uncategorized or incorrectly categorized websites for review by Forcepoint?


You may submit uncategorized or incorrectly categorized websites via the Site Lookup tool or CSI: Ace Insight. Both of these tools require you to log on.

To use Site Lookup:
  1. Logon to Site Lookup using your legacy MyWebsense credentials. The MyWebsense username is generally your email address plus a randomly generated password. If you need your MyWebsense password reset, please Contact Support.
  2. Do not select a Select product version.
  3. Copy and paste up to 10 URLs to look up.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. View Result will display the category of the websites.
  6. If you would like to suggest a change, click Suggest Changes.
  7. Select a new category and type a reason for the change.
  8. Click Submit Changes.
To use CSI: Ace Insight:
  1. Log on to Forcepoint Support. Use your Forcepoint Support username and password. Partners can use the same credentials as they use for the Partner Portal. For help logging on, please Contact Support.
  2. On the Tools & Links navigation menu, click CSI: Ace Insight.
  3. Type a URL.
  4. Click Analyze.
  5. Review the Ace Insight Report.
  6. You may suggest a different classification if needed.
After these steps have been completed the Forcepoint CSI team will investigate and evaluate your request within 96 hours. If the change is deemed appropriate the change will be done in the next database roll out.

Note: Forcepoint does not re-categorize websites at the domain level; they are re-categorized at the page level.

The Forcepoint Master Database is built and released once per day. Incremental updates to the Forcepoint Master database are published at frequent intervals during the day according to demand once evaluation has taken place of submitted websites. Real Time Security updates are also released throughout the day to provide immediate protection against security threats.

Avoid re-categorizing websites that have been categorized as malicious. If a website has been categorized as malicious, it is important to confirm the site is not compromised. Use the Site Lookup tool or CSI to verify the category. For information on re-categorizing a site using the Forcepoint management tool, visit How do I add custom URLs or recategorize existing URLs.

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