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How can I test data throughput to find out if my Internet pipe is saturated?


Important When checking your Internet connection, use these speed test Internet tools only when bypassing Content Gateway (WCG) proxy and Cloud. Content from these sites is actively held and scanned as is passes through WCG and Cloud. As a result, you will not receive accurate speeds test results on overall throughput.
If your Internet pipe is saturated, then users will experience slow browsing. To verify if latency is due to pipe saturation, the following free Internet tools are available to test bandwidth: Browsing speed testing should occur during off work or off peak hours.

Results for Internet speed test sites should be considered invalid when using in conjunction with Content Gateway and Cloud.

The transform procedure used by the Content Gateway or Cloud scanning process affects the throughput results of speedtest.net and other bandwidth testing sites, as well as content scanning. The transform procedure is necessary for the scanning features. Transforming time depends on the traffic type, size, and duration.

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