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Notes & Warnings

Key Takeaways:
  • This affects only hard enforcement of subscription counts, and not the subscription count performed by Web Security Gateway components.
  • Web Security Gateway, Web Security Gateway Anywhere, and TRITON Enterprise customers will continue to be protected in case they exceed their subscription counts.
  • Web Security. Web Filter and Forcepoint URL Filteirng customers are not affected by this change in subscription enforcement.
  • At present, subscription counts are still based on counting IP addresses.
  • Initial roll out started January 20, 2014.
  • Full roll out across all Web Security Gateway customers on February 3, 2014.
Important Content Gateway filtered users are the ones who no longer have a Hard Subscription enforcement.
If a Network Agent exists in a standalone deployment, or a Filtering Service on a Windows or Linux server integrated with a third party product with no Content Gateway, Hard Subscription Enforcement is still in effect for users filtering on that server. 

If needing to find the Seat Count in a standalone or Non-Content Gateway deployment, see Finding a seat count and IP address list for users.

Problem Description

How has subscription enforcement changed for Web Security Gateway and Gateway Anywhere customers, and for customers with Websense TRITON Enterprise or Forcepoint Web Security with Content Gateway?


On February 3rd 2014, Forcepoint Web solutions that include Web Security Gateway or Content Gateway stopped hard enforcement of IP-address-based subscription limits. Subscription count is still based on IP addresses, but requests from IP addresses exceeding the count are no longer automatically blocked or permitted, based on fail open/fail closed settings made in the Web Security management console.


  • Why the change?

The removal of the hard subscription enforcement allows for better collaboration between Forcepoint sales team members and customers in resolving issues related to dynamic IP address assignments for laptop users, and relieves worries about users being blocked or receiving unlimited Internet access unexpectedly.


  • Who is affected?

This change affects only customers whose Forcepoint Web solution includes the Web Security Gateway, or Content Gateway (WCG). Websense Web Security, Websense Web Filter and Forcepoint URL Filtering customers are not affected.


  • Will I continue to be protected?

Web Security Gateway, Web Security Gateway Anywhere, TRITON Enterprise and Forcepoint Web Security customers with Content Gateway continue to be protected in the event that their subscription count is temporarily exceeded.

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