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Forcepoint DLP Endpoint (formerly known as TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP) supports the versions of Chrome listed in the Certified Product Matrix. Unsupported versions of Chrome can cause compatibility issues.

When Google releases new versions of Chrome, they have auto-update enabled by default, so unsupported browsers may be installed on client machines.

If this happens, Forcepoint DLP (formerly known as TRITON AP-DATA)
and Forcepoint DLP Endpoint can monitor or enforce application controls such as file access, copy/cut/paste, and screen capture operations done on the browser, and in most cases, continue inspecting outbound content on the HTTP or HTTPS channel; however, other compatibility issues, such as decreased performance, can arise.

(To enable application controls, select Endpoint Application as one of your rule's destinations, and then configure Application Control in your action plan.) 



To prevent possible compatibility issues, deploy only supported versions of Chrome and disable its auto-update feature. Instead, use the enterprise tools provided by Google to proactively manage browser updates. This reduces the risk of an unsupported version being installed.

In addition, if your organization updates browsers frequently, be sure to keep your Forcepoint DLP Endpoint software current. Forcepoint continually tests browsers as they are released and updates the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint software.

When a new browser version is released, the Certified Product Matrix is updated within one working week to clarify the support status for the new browser version. New browser versions are either supported in a specified endpoint build or marked as “PR” for a planned future release. When a browser version if marked “PR,” Forcepoint will aim to support the new version in the next scheduled endpoint release.

If a critical compatibility issue is identified during new browser testing, a Tech Alert is emailed to customers who subscribed to the Forcepoint DLP, Forcepoint DLP Endpoint, and Forcepoint One Endpoint email lists. Forcepoint immediately works to resolve any critical compatibility issues.

All Forcepoint DLP Endpoint updates are automatically integrated into the next scheduled release. Interim builds for specific browser versions are available on demand from Forcepoint Technical Support.

To turn off auto-update at the enterprise level, refer to the instructions provided here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/188446?hl=en. You do not need administrative rights to configure Chrome auto-update.

For information on the release schedule for Chrome, see http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.co.uk/

For additional information on release requirements, see the Forcepoint One Endpoint Installation Guide.

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