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Notes & Warnings

Important If a Master Database Download fails for 14 days, the corresponding Filtering Service will stop which will prevent all filtering. While the service may be turned back on, it will stop again and this cycle will repeat until the Master Database updates have been restored.

Important If the forceDownload.txt file is not removed after restarting the Filtering Service on an appliance, you may need to manually kill the service or restart the Web Security module. If the file is not removed on a Windows server, kill the EIMServer.exe task in Task Manager and start the Filtering Service service located in services.msc. 

Problem Description

We need to be able to force a new download of the Forcepoint Master Database rather than waiting until the configured time. How can we accomplish this?


Note If you have an appliance, you will need to contact Forcepoint Support for assistance. 

In order to resolve the issue, follow the steps below.

Linux servers:
  1. Log on as the root user.
  2. Navigate to /opt/Websense/bin.
  3. Create a new empty file named forceDownload.txt 
  4. Navigate to /opt/Websense.
  5. Type ./WebsenseDaemonControl and restart the Filtering Service.
This will force a new Master Database download to start.

Windows servers:
  1. Navigate to ...\Websense\Web Security\bin.
  2. Create a new empty file name forceDownload.txt.
  3. Open the services window and restart the Filtering Service.
If there is an existing master database, it will be deleted and a new one will download.

Note: File name forceDownload.txt is case sensitive.

The results of the database download can be viewed in the Websense.log file in the \Websense\Web Security\bin folder or in the Forcepoint Security Manager under Main > Status > Dashboard > Database Download

Results from example Websense.log:
08/12/2018 09:14:55,Information,Websense EIM Server@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxCategoryAgent,WsTransferTimer.cpp:322,0x11460017,Websense has successfully transferred an updated Websense Master Database. This database will now be loaded.
Dashboard > Database Download

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