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Problem Description

The WCG error log shows connections from the clients to port 80 on the external firewall or other NAT gateway. This is due to the Noscript plug-in installed on the client's internet browser.

Following is an example:
20100821.12h12m36s CONNECT:[1] could not connect [5] to <Destination-IP-Address> for 'http:// <Hostname-or-IP-Address> /'

repeated 4 more times then

20100821.12h12m36s RESPONSE: sent <Internal-IP-Address> status 502 (Connect Error <Connection refused/111>) for 'http:// <Hostname-or-IP-Address>/'


This can be safely ignored. If wanted, it is possible to block this connection by doing the following:

  1. Open Websense Content Gateway > Configure > Security > Access Control
  2. Click Edit File
  3. Select Rule Type: Deny
  4. Type dest_ip: <external IP of your Internet gateway>

Keywords: port 80; noscript plugin; 502; access control; filter.config; authentication bypass; port 80 in logs 

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