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Notes & Warnings

Important The latest directory synchronization overrides previous synchronizations. Only one profile is permitted. Ensure to copy the configuration profile currently in use.

Problem Description

The computer with Directory Sync Client (DSC) keeps crashing. I want to move DSC to another machine. How do I copy the existing DSC configuration?


It is possible to copy the Directory Sync Client (DSC) configuration profile to a new computer. The DSC configuration is stored in a file structure. Simply copy the configuration folder to the new computer and then restart the DSC application. The imported configuration profile is available after restart. Once it appears, you must manually recreate the scheduled task.
By default, the DSC configuration profiles are stored in the following folders:

Windows XP and Window Server 2003:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DirSyncClient\configurations\

Windows 7 and Vista:
C:\Users\All Users\DirSyncClient\configurations\

Windows Server 2008 to 2016:

NOTE: The mentioned directories are the default directories, it is possible to change this during the installation.

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