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This KB article is related to legacy Stonesoft SSL VPN solution. It does not apply to Forcepoint NGFW SSL VPN Portal feature.

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Stonesoft SSL VPN 1.5.x


You can brand the parts of Stonesoft SSL VPN that the end user can access, in order to achieve a corporate look and-feel. Using the SSL VPN Administrator Console to customize or replace applicable files and images, branding is easy to achieve.

Branding can be performed on different levels, ranging from simply replacing the logotype in the Application Portal to customizing the appearance of the entire application access procedure: from the software token used for Web authentication, through logon pages, and the Application Portal itself.

You can brand these parts of Stonesoft SSL VPN:
  • SSL VPN Web Console
  • SSL VPN Application Portal logon pages
  • SSL VPN Application Portal page
  • SSL VPN Application Portal Online Help
The attached documentation provides a comprehensive guide to brand SSL VPN, as well as detailed information about applicable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), files, and images. It also includes detailed instructions for replacing the logotype in the SSL VPN Application Portal and for replacing graphics used in logon pages.

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