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Problem Description


Security Management Server (SMC) 5.7 and later 
Next Generation Firewall (in IPS role)


You have Stonesoft IPS combo 5.2.10x and upgrade SMC to version 5.8.x or later. SMC 5.8 does not support the 5.2.x IPS combo engine, and so you upgrade the engine to NGFW 5.4.x or later. In the Management Client, you upgrade the IPS combo to an IPS element, but when you perform the policy installation to the upgraded IPS element, it fails with the error:
Certificate Error: Invalid Certificate Component Type



After you upgrade IPS combo to IPS element, the old IPS sensor and analyzer certificates are still present and prevent policy installation.


Restart the Management Server after upgrading the IPS combo element to IPS element. The Policy installation will succeed after the restart.

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