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I want to monitor NGFW engines with SNMP. Where can I get SNMP MIBs  for NGFW Engines 6.9 and later?


The SNMP MIBs for Next Generation Firewall 6.9 and higher versions are attached to this article.
You can also use these MIBs with NGFW version 6.8.4 or higher.
Note The MIBs are backward compatible, so you can also use the latest MIB files with lower NGFW versions.
Lower NGFW versions just do not report the OIDs that were added in higher versions.

New in these MIBs:
Two new counters for available memory are now reported in Forcepoint NGFW-specific SNMP MIBs.
The new OIDs are fwMemBytesAvailable and fwMemBytesSReclaimable.

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