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The videos below are currently available and additional videos will be added as they are published. You can click the URL link directly to access the video, or you can search the Knowledge Base using the Article ID provided. 
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Forcepoint Appliance
Items in this section apply to both Web and Email appliances. For items specific to Web or Email appliances, see the associated product sections.
Article IDURLDescription
19104Video: Appliance CLI - How To Create And Use A FilestoreDetailing the creation, using and deleting a filestore via CLI.
19011Video: Basic tcpdump from the Appliance CLIHow to take a packet capture in Appliance CLI including to a domain and on ports.    
19130Video: Appliance CLI - Using --url SwitchWhat is --url and how to use it as an alternative to filestore.
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Forcepoint Cloud Portal (Email and Web)
Article IDURLDescription
19009Video: Manage Cloud Portal User AccountsHow to manage Forcepoint Cloud portal user accounts and permissions.    
Forcepoint DLP
For videos specific to Endpoint, see the Forcepoint One Endpoint section.
Article IDURLDescription
19113Video: Backing Up and Restoring Forcepoint DLPDLP backup and restoration process.
19091Video: Clearing the Forcepoint DLP CachesClearing the Tomcat and Batch Server caches on the DLP Management Server, used to resolve many display issues.
19092Video: Creating a DLP Whitelist PolicyCreating a DLP whitelist policy within the Forcepoint Security Manager.
19151Video: Excluding Applications From DLP Endpoint Monitoring

This video will go through the process of excluding specific applications from being monitored by the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint.

19164Video: Monitoring Bluetooth Transfers using the Forcepoint DLP EndpointThis video will go through the process of monitoring DLP through Bluetooth from a machine using the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint, using policy rules from the Forcepoint Security Manager.
19200Video: Getting Started with Forcepoint DLP PoliciesBest Practices, process of considering, and configuring Forcepoint DLP policies on a new environment.
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Forcepoint Email (On premises and Hybrid)
Article IDURLDescription
19171Video: Collecting Forcepoint Email Security Log Files For Technical Support CasesCollecting different logs from Appliance and Windows Server for Email
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Forcepoint One Endpoint
Article IDURLDescription
19090Video: Building the Forcepoint One DLP EndpointCreating DLP Endpoint installation packages from the Management Server. 
19132Video: How to create a Proxy and Direct Connect Endpoint using the Package BuilderCreating a PCEP or DCEP Web endpoint.
19093Video: Uninstalling the Forcepoint Windows EndpointUninstalling Forcepoint One Endpoint from Control Panel and Command Line.    
19094Video: Debugging the Forcepoint DLP EndpointDebugging the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and collecting logs.    
19099Video: Collecting Browser Debug LogsCollecting HAR files for browser debugging.
19114Video: Advanced Proxy Connect Endpoint DebuggingWeb PCEP debugging with registry, wireshark, blackspider, and ClientInfo.    
19112Video: Collecting the ClientInfo Forcepoint One Endpoint DiagnosticsGathering a Clientinfo for all Endpoint including Web, DLP, and NGFW (ECA).
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Forcepoint NGFW
Article IDURLDescription
19097Video: Next Generation Firewall remote upgrade via SMCHow to upgrade NGFW engines using SMC including automatic and manual upgrades.
19095Video: Collecting Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) sgInfoHow to collect an sginfo from SMC and Command Line.
19133Video: Connecting NGFW engine to SMC using initial configuration wizardHow to establish management contact from Next Generation Firewall engine to NGFW Security Management Center using initial configuration wizard
19172Video: SMC software installation using GUI installer on WindowsHow to install Security Management Center software on Windows Server using GUI installer.
19191Video: Additional SMC High Availability Server Installation Using Linux Command LineInstalling additional Management Server and Log Server for High Availability in Linux
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Forcepoint Web (On Premises and Hybrid)
For videos specific to Endpoint, see the Forcepoint One Endpoint section.
Article IDURLDescription
19101Video: How to run a TestLogServer from a specific client IPHow to run a TestLogServer for a single IP address.
19103Video: How to run a TestLogServer without stopping the Log Server serviceHow to run a TestLogServer without stopping the Log Server service.    
19102Video: Overview of the TestLogServer resultsWalkthrough of TestLogServer results, how to permit a category, and how to create an exception.    
19155Video: How to perform a Null and Full Sync

How to perform a Null and Full Sync for Web Hybrid.

19167Video: How to Backup and Restore the Policy Database in WindowsCreating, using and creating a script for Policy Database backups for Web in Windows.
19166Video: How to Backup and Restore the Policy Database in LinuxCreating, using and creating a script for Policy Database backups for Web in Linux.
19145Video: Different Ways to Recategorize a WebsiteRe-categorizing a website via CSI ACE Insight, Site Lookup Tool, and custom categories.
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Forcepoint Insider Threat
Article IDURLDescription
19171Video: General FIT TroubleshootingInsider Threat troubleshooting for Agent Tool, Database Health Reports, Unlocking and resetting passwords for Operator Accounts,
accessing NAGIOS, checking Data Pump/Data Drain, and collecting Master Node logs.
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