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What special characters within account passwords can be used, and which should not be used on Forcepoint DLP environments?


Forcepoint Windows Servers (Management and Crawler)

Assuming there is a possibility that Windows Authentication may be in use to connect to the SQL database, the DLP service account must not contain the following characters:

[ ] { } ( ) , ; ? * ! @ (Whitespace)

Additionally, there is a known install issue if the SQL password starts with an equal sign (=) character. Please see the following article for more information:
Initial DLP installation fails if SQL password starts with equals sign character "="

Generally, if there are login credential issues and special characters are in use in any of the DLP-related accounts, consider testing with a simpler password or another account without special characters to confirm if this is the cause of the issue.

Forcepoint DLP Protector / Mobile Agent

Upon registering to Forcepoint DLP, the following special characters within the Forcepoint administrator password used will need the escape character \ to be placed before each instance:

^ | > < * ? ! [ ] ~ ` ' " ; ( ) & # \ $
For example: Pas&word > Pas\&word

Alternatively, use an account with a simpler password, but one that also has DLP deployment privileges.

Forcepoint One DLP Endpoint

The following special characters can be used in the Endpoint anti-tampering password:
> < * ? ! [ ] ~ ` ' " ; ( ) & # \ $
In particular, the semicolon character must certainly not be used.
Please note that depending on the operating system environment, the use of these special characters in terminal/command prompt commands must have the following:
  • Windows: Add the ^ escape character before each special character
  • Mac: Enclose the entire anti-tampering password in single quotation marks
For more information, please refer to the Endpoint Installation Guide.

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