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Notes & Warnings

Note For clipboard issues with Microsoft Office Excel specifically, see When DLP macOS Endpoint is installed, Microsoft Excel "paste special" functionality exhibits issues.

Problem Description

The Forcepoint Endpoint breaks clipboard functionality for a certain application in the Mac environment. In the case where no clipboard monitoring is needed for this application, can it be bypassed by the Endpoint?


An Endpoint feature has been implemented as of the 19.12 build of the Forcepoint One Endpoint to bypass clipboard monitoring for a certain applications if needed.

The instructions are as follows:
  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run the following command:
sudo wepsvc --whitelist-clipboard <ApplicationName>
Where <ApplicationName> is the name of the application, normally under Applications/<ApplicationName>.app

To revert this change, the following command is used:
sudo wepsvc --remove-whitelist-clipboard <ApplicationName>

Please note that this must be done on a per-machine basis.

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