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This page is designed to be a one-stop shop with featured content articles that provide relevant information regarding Forcepoint Insider Threat.
Note The featured content listed may apply to multiple versions. Verify the versions stated in the article to ensure you are reviewing the correct featured content for your configuration.

The information in this article is separated between the following categories:

System Requirements

Forcepoint Insider Threat (Windows) Certified Product Matrix
Supported Windows environments for the FIT Agent.

Forcepoint Insider Threat (MAC) Certified Product Matrix
Supported Mac environments for the FIT Agent

Insider Threat Product Guidelines
Sizing considerations for FIT deployments.

FIT VM Snapshot Maintenance
Recommendations for snapshot backups of FIT virtual environments.

FIT Agent Whitelisting
Describes required exclusions from antivirus applications for the FIT Agent.

Freeing Up Space on FIT and Oracle Environments
Describes various locations to clear on the Master Node and Oracle environments to free up disk space.

Master Node / Oracle (OSA) Configuration

Resetting Access for FIT System Health (Nagios)
Describes steps to reset FIT System Health access credentials.

Modifying the FIT Nagios Services Configuration
Lists steps to modify the critical alert threshold in Nagios to reduce alert emails.

Disabling FIT OSA User Account Expiry
Lists steps to disable the automatic expiry of OSA accounts.

FIT LDAP Import - Using AD Server Certificates for Authentication
Provides steps for using an Active Directory certificate for authentication when performing the LDAP import.

Resetting Insider Threat Hotfix Application Status
Provides corrective steps to take when hotfix application fails on the Master Node.

Enterprise Application Suite

Understanding FIT Agent Errors
Describes some Agent errors reported in the Enterprise Application Suite.

Understanding FIT Channel Failure Errors
Describes what occurs when channel failures are reported in Nagios.

FIT Agent Upgrade Error "Error Receiving Payload"

Describes an Agent upgrade error from EAS.

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