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Problem Description

A user has provided a ClientInfo output from their Endpoint Client for investigation. How can one determine the build of the Endpoint and the Policy Engine classifier version in use from these results?

This can normally be obtained from the local machine by opening the Endpoint GUI and clicking the blue question mark icon or through the Endpoint Status page on the Forcepoint DLP web UI.


The location of the information will vary depending on the OS and whether it is the legacy Forcepoint DLP Endpoint or the Forcepoint One Endpoint. In normal circumstances, the information will be at the top of the specified logs, otherwise the file can be searched for EndpointSystemParamsInfo to obtain the information.

Mac Machines

The information is located within system-info.log, normally under /Library/Application Support/Websense Endpoint/EPClassifier/.

  • macOS Version - OS Version
  • PreferencePane version - Endpoint Build
  • EPClassifier version - Classifier Version

Windows Machines

The information is located within DebugDump.txt, normally under the Program Files\Websense\Websense Endpoint directory by default.

  • Operating System - OS Version
  • Product Version - Endpoint Build
  • [clientInstallationVersion] - Classifier Version

Keywords: DLP Data Security Endpoint; Forcepoint One Endpoint; ClientInfo; Log Collection; EPClassifier; Policy Engine; EPA64.msi; EPA.msi; Check Endpoint Build

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