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This article lists issues resolved for Forcepoint Email Security Cloud during 2020.

Problem Description

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved during 2020.

Date resolvedDetailsReference
13-Feb-2020In some cases, encrypted .ppt attachments were not quarantined, when the Quarantine all encrypted messages setting was enabled.CES-4055
08-Apr-2020After adding a license, certain accounts were not activated, causing an "Internal Server Error" to display.CWS-18590
08-Apr-2020Unexpected errors displayed when trying to edit or export a Transaction Report.CWS-18612
08-Apr-2020Syncing email from Active Directory caused misleading entries in the Audit Log.CES-4167
27-Apr-2020In some cases, messages with a single PDF attachment were corrupted and unreadable, or not delivered.CES-4182

For issues resolved during 2019, please see Resolved and known issues for Forcepoint Email Security Cloud - 2019.

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