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Problem Description

Delegated admin is unable to use the test filtering toolbox to identify policy for a user/group, retrieving the below error:
Error communicating with the directory server. Use the Settings > General > Directory Services page to verify your configuration. Also, make sure the directory server is running, and verify the network connection.

User-added image

This issue does not happen for the Super Administrator.


This error happens when a Delegated Administrator has a Delegated Reporting Role, but no managed clients. With no assigned clients, this Delegated Administrator is not granted access to the directory server. 

Note If the Delegated Administrator has at least one managed client, access to query the user service will be granted, however if a policy is not visible to that role, the results for the Toolbox will display as default policy. 

When creating the Reporting Role, ensure at least one client is added under Managed Clients. For more information, see Adding managed clients.


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