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Problem Description

If problems arise with the Forcepoint User Identification (FUID) service, how do I retrieve diagnostics?


To enable debugging:
  1. Open the NGFW Command Line.
  2. Type touch /data/diagnostics/fuid-verbose
  3. Type msvc -d fuid
  4. Type msvc -u fuid
  5. After the FUID client finishes restarting, debugging will be enabled.
  6. The FUID debug files will be contained in /data/diagnostics

Additional diagnostic information may be requested from the following directories:
  • /etc/fuid
This is the Configuration Directory for FUID. It contains config files and TLS certificates and keys for the FUID binary.
  • /var/lib/CockroachDB
This is configuration and data directory for CockroachDB. 

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