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Problem Description

While downloading the Full Traffic Logging from the Forcepoint Cloud Portal, the following error is retrieved:
"401 Unauthorized Access"


The 401 status response most commonly occurs when the username and password specified in the Perl script are not accepted by the Full Traffic Logging server. This most commonly occurs when the portal password expires (the default is for a password to expire after 90 days).

Verify whether the credentials specified in the Perl script can be used to log into the portal at https://admin.forcepoint.net/portal.
  • If the credentials do not allow a login, set a new password for the user, or specify the credentials for another portal login for your account.
    1. Ensure that the password has no non-alphanumeric characters to reduce the likelihood of other factors potentially causing an error. 
    2. Note For security, it is recommended that you use a dedicated login for the purpose of authenticating the Perl script with the Full Traffic Logging server, and that this portal login should only have the permission Full Traffic Logging enabled, with all other logins having Full Traffic Logging disabled
  • If it is possible to log in, check if you have any pending licenses in the portal.
    1. Navigate to Account > Licenses.
    2. Accept any pending license.
    3. Retry downloading the logs. 

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