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How can we block downloading and uploading attachments in LinkedIn messaging? 


As LinkedIn uses HTTPS, only deployments where SSL Decryption is in use can use the below steps. 
Important Turning on SSL Decryption in Content Gateway without deploying an SSL Decryption Certificate will stop access for all HTTPS sites until the certificate is installed on all browsers.
  1. Log on to the Content Gateway Manager.
  2. Ensure  HTTPS is ON in under Configure > My Proxy > Basic.
  3. Log on to the Forcepoint Security Manager.
  4. Navigate to Policy Management > Exceptions > Add.
  5. Enter a name and enter below URLs.
    • https://www.linkedin.com/messaging/thread/
    • https://www.linkedin.com/dms-uploads/ 
    • https://www.linkedin.com/li/track 
    • https://www.linkedin.com/voyager/api/messaging/attachments 
  6. Select Clients as allow globally or select specific clients.
  7. Select Permit.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Save and Deploy.

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