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Notes & Warnings

Note This process only works when using the Forcepoint Secure Messaging portal as the encryption method.

Problem Description

An encrypted/secure message was sent to the wrong recipient.


Important This will only stop the recipient from being able to view the message when logging into the secure message portal. It will not stop users from receiving the notification email.

To configure:
  1. Log into the Forcepoint Security Manager (Triton Manager on version before 8.4).
  2. Navigate to the message queue page: Email>Main>Message Management>Message Queues.
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  1. Select the secure-encrypted queue from the Queue List.
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  1. Search for the email that was sent to the incorrect recipient.
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  1. Check the box next to the email and click Delete.
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  1. Verify that the message is no longer present in the message queue.

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