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Problem Description

KBA Severity:  
CVE-2018-16530 – High
CVE Number(s): 
KBA Summary
A stack-based buffer overflow in Email Security allowed an attacker to craft malicious input and potentially crash a process creating a denial-of-service. While no known Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities exist, as with all buffer overflows, the possibility of RCE cannot be completely ruled out. Data Execution Protection (DEP) is already enabled on the Email appliance as a risk mitigation.

Forcepoint would like to thank Tomasz Bukowski from Bank Millennium for bringing this to our attention and working diligently with our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) to responsibly disclose this vulnerability in a coordinated manner.

Affected Products
  • Forcepoint Email Security 


This vulnerability can be mitigated by enabling Recipient Validation. See the Managing user validation/authentication options section of the Forcepoint Email Security Administrator Help document for more information. 

Hotfix(es) and Information About Other Fixes
The following hotfixes are available to resolve this vulnerability:
 Email Security 8.5.0Email Security 8.5.3

V8.5.0 HF001 For Appliance
V8.5.0 HF001 For Windows

V8.5.3 HF001 For Appliance

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