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Problem Description

KBA Severity:  
CVE-2018-12327 – High
CVE Numbers: 
KBA Summary
Stack-based buffer overflow in ntpq and ntpdc of Network Time Protocol (NTP).
Affected Products
  • Forcepoint Sidewinder
KBA Detailed Information
The following description is from NIST.
Stack-based buffer overflow in ntpq and ntpdc of NTP version 4.2.8p11 allows an attacker to achieve code execution or escalate to higher privileges via a long string as the argument for an IPv4 or IPv6 command-line parameter. NOTE: It is unclear whether there are any common situations in which ntpq or ntpdc is used with a command line from an untrusted source.
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Hotfix and Information About Other Fixes
The following patches are available to resolve this vulnerability:
 Sidewinder 8.3.2Control Center 5.3.2
CVE-2018-123277.0.1.03E1218.3.2E167* or 8.3.2P12
*indicates patch is obsoleted by a newer patch

Sidewinder download information: User name                    : atl-963845ro
User password             : 34bT4hF3AFJn
Server name                 : csftp.us.stonesoft.com
                                      : https://csftp.us.stonesoft.com


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